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New to golf and tgn

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  • New to golf and tgn

    Hi all. New to golf this year and to the forum. Currently doing my best to improve.

    Was wondering if anyone can help with a question about equipment. Im not yet at a place to buy new so donít want to get fitted. I can drive the ball 250 but am really needing work on improving my slice. I had a Ping g15 but it was 9* and I need more loft. I Recently acquired a TM Burner superfast 2 10.5* in a package and donít love it. Also available are a Srixon 545 10.5* and and Cobra F6+. The ping is reg flex and rest are stiff.

    Am am I better continuing to work with the Ping or TM, or trade for one of the others? Appreciate the input. Wish I could go out and test them all for a week or two to decide but alas not an option.

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    Old fart living in Niagara... Game getting better since I lowered my expectations - but pretty much around bogey golf - but I play pretty tough courses down here - Royal Niagara, Twenty Valley, Rockway. When lonely will go to St. Davids and Queenston to walk nine - good for the spirit - lotsa birdie opps.. Looking for playing partners to share a Passport Book.


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