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Golf for teenagers

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  • Golf for teenagers

    We have had our child in golf lessons around Toronto and we’re looking for advice from others who send their kids to lessons. Thank you.

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    What type of advice are you looking for?


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      When my son started playing i would modified the pars on each hole as recommended by article i found in a golf magazine. For example at 9 yrs old its unrealistic to set par as a goal. Hence i adjusted every hole on the course par 5 was a 10 4 was an 8 etc. Once those pars we met it was reduced and eventually shooting par and under was normal. There was no discouraging scores as a result, in addition when we played we would play a scramble using the worst ball which reduce that fear of being behind trees, flying over trees, being in bunkers. We even played extended holes for example #1 tee off and play till #3 green for fun. Also played backwards if it was late an night. was lots of fun. Still is and the matches are great except the loss of cash!!
      And don't forget about proper equipment.
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        Why are people so afraid to let their kids fail, no wonder kids growing up can’t handle anything. When I grew up in sports there was a winner and a loser... now there is just winners with somebody getting a slightly bigger trophy

        just let the kid play as much as he wants to, if he catches the bug you won’t have to do anything. Best thing you can do is get some quality instruction and Get him a jr membership somewhere


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          You may not be interested in this but I'm looking at where my son can caddy for a summer. The GTA has limited options (Oakdale and a few others) but in my travels I have played several clubs that have caddies and have programs for kids to come and stay and work the summer. When I was young, caddying was an avenue to becoming a good player. Downtime on the job became range time. So I'm looking at sending mine to caddy at a nice club sometime. He's keen to the idea provided it's a city/country he's interested in. He's learning Spanish so I put some time into looking at the clubs in Spain that have caddying programs he might be able to apply. So it becomes a summer adventure, applies his language learning and should also help develop his game.


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            Hamilton also has an excellent junior caddy program, but I'm not sure how old they want. When I was there, they all seemed to be 15 and younger.



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