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Mixed Winter Match Play

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  • Mixed Winter Match Play

    I have been assigned to coordinate a mixed (Ladies and Men) Match Play event at our club. Anything I should be aware of rules wise other than the obvious?

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    You might want to read the handicap system manual, about how handicap strokes are assigned when opponents play from different tee boxes, a woman plays against a man, etc.


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      I have and on our course its 2 strokes for the ladies when they play from the assigned tees and 6 strokes when they both play from the white tees. My research turned the genesis of this up as the Standard Stroke Index from, I think it was the R & A or the Australian Golf Association. I am looking for any outliers. I will be posting the relevant portions of the handicap manual adjacent to the competition ladder but what I don't want is someone like a professional or senior member clouding the issue with the wrong information. Am I just trying to anticipate too much?


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        I think this is what you are after. But why Australia? You appear to be in Canada


        For Canada see Section 3-5 of this

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          I am but we want this attempt at mixed events to go well so I wanted to be ready for any curveballs. I googled mixed match play after reading the handicap manual you appended "just in case" and got the SSI. As well, our handicaps get frozen around 1-15 November for winter rules so I am looking for any curveballs there. We are a year round golf club but we were snowed out for a couple of months last year. Thanks!


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            Thanks aaagc for that appendage from Aussie. There is a mention where some clubs in Australia do not allow women to play against the men (or am I reading too much into it). Having spent time in Aussie back in the early 90s, it doesn't surprise me. I have been told by some of the guys I regularly play with that they refuse to play with women. I guess it's still the dark ages in some regards.


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