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Push/Pull Carts on Tees & Greens?

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  • Push/Pull Carts on Tees & Greens?

    Humber Valley has signs up--and 1 overzealous Marshall about "No pull carts on the tee" Ö.....only course I can think of?

    As for carts on greens...of course I get that it would likely be detrimental to the surface if the cart was 'parked' on the surface, but just to pull it across doesn't look like it would do harm (and would save time)

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    i don't see any issue with push/pull carts on tee boxes but i don't like the idea of them on the green


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      The vehicle that cuts and mows the greens is how much heavier than a pull cart? But really theres no need to pull across the green, walk around it. But tee boxes, really lol
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        Played at Bayview last year and was shocked they allowed pull carts on their green. Was told it is for pace of play and they actually don't do any damage to the green. We "parked" them off the green each hole but it was very weird walking them across a green (obviously avoiding near the hole). I found myself avoiding the green out of instinct.

        I brought it up at my course to get an opinion and was told by the course committee they know it does no damage but don't want to start a slippery slope with things like motorized pull cart that can potentially have wheel spin and do damage. Pace of play not an issue typically either so no real need to change.

        For tee decks though, that is ridiculous. As long as you aren't leaving it on a patch of clearly recovering turf (ie. a par 3 where the tees were recently) this is a pretty simple time saver.


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          Lots of greens have narrow walkways between bunkers and greens. I think that if a steady stream of pull carts followed the same path repeatedly it might cause a problem, otherwise take them anywhere. I sure they cause less pressure on turf than my fat a$$


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            Bethpage didnít allow carts on the tees and didnít allow golfers to place stand bags on the tees or walk across the greens with a bag on their back. Bandon Dunes allows (or did when I played) pull carts to be pulled across the greens. Itís more an image thing, thereís not really a function reason for not taking pull carts across the green.


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              Green cutters are specifically designed to distribute weight and not cause damage. They are also only used for one pass a day per green.

              Now compare this to a few hundred golfers dragging a cart across a tee or green each day. Look at the grass where people regularly walk or where carts enter the fairway and you can see the impact of regular travel and wear.

              Some courses will not allow carts to be pulled between greenside bunkers and the green.
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                ^^^^ Bethpage has a better image than Bandon?

                Anyways, I've only been asked to take my stand bag off the tees once, at Woodington. I've never, EVER been aware of any damage to a tee box from putting a bag there. The pros do it all the time.

                The greens are a little different. Modern carts with wider wheels appear to do less damage than a big guy with small feet. But I still don't like it as the damage is cumulative: You HAVE to walk on a green to putt, you don't have to bring your cart there.

                It has virtually no impact on pace of play. It that's what's holding your group up, you must be on a 2-hour pace already....

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                  I would have no major issue with a pull-cart on a tee, especially if it improved pace of play on a particular hole.

                  That said, there is absolutely NO reason why pull carts (or bags) should EVER be on a green.

                  Any blemishes or tracks left by a pull cart (or bag) on a tee will have little influence on play. That is, in most cases, use of a tee will raise the ball above any damage done to the teeing ground. Conversely, even small blemishes left by carts or bags could influence a ball in play, therefore the minimal benefits on pace of play could never be justified.
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                    The woman at Burlington Springs (over their ridiculous PA system) told us to get our push carts off the tee box once. Asking is one thing, "telling" is another. "Get your carts of the tee" vs "Please can you gentlemen remove your carts from the tee".

                    Seems the USGA has a video on this and watching the video just now (at 1:45), it says that pull carts shouldn't be in the approach area in front of a green, nor in the narrow area between bunker and green. So there you have it, I learned something new.
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                      I don't see the issue on tee boxes,greens no way.


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                        I'm in the camp of no carts on the T box, ever, and if you think your entitled to leave push/pull cart on the green while you putt, give me an effing break!
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                          Pull carts (or electric trolleys) on tees - OK. Nothing but golfers on greens. It amazes me the damage that some golfers do to greens even walking with spikeless shoes, or soft-spike shoes. And golfers who toss cigarette butts on greens...... I can just imagine courses handing out blue flags for push carts that would allow them on greens.....
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                            No issue with push carts on tee box
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                              If many wheeled vehicles travel over the same small area of ground it will result in cumulative wear, compaction and stress on the grass roots.
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