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    Originally posted by aaagc View Post
    Just what is/was a 'Tournament Score'? How does/did it differ from any other strokeplay competition?
    Excerpts from a webpage that was relevant to the previous USGA Handicap System (before WHS), but are no longer relevant,

    Q: What qualifies as a ‘Tournament Score’?
    A: The Committee in charge of a competition must announce or publish before play whether the competition will result in a “tournament score” being posted. Tournament scores should be reserved for competitions that, in the judgment of the Committee, are significant in the traditions, schedules, formats and membership of the club. Daily, Weekly, or Monthly play days should not be designated as tournament scores.

    Q: What is the effect of a tournament score on a player’s Handicap Index?
    A: A player whose scoring record includes two or more eligible tournament scores posted within the last 12 months that are exceptionally (three or more strokes) lower than the player’s current Handicap Index will be subject to a possible reduction in their Handicap Index. The calculation is automatically done by any computational service, including GHIN, calculating USGA Handicap Indexes. A Handicap Index reduction for exceptional tournament scores is calculated at each handicap revision and may vary from revision to revision based on factors outlined in Section 10-3.



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