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Slaying Your Nemesis Hole

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    Originally posted by ARL67 View Post

    I often wonder what to hit on #1 at Tarandowah. Usually it is never Driver, but my thinking may be changing to bomb and then gouge it from the rough / fescue. Long and crooked is better than short and crooked on that hole. Take my bogey and move on.

    I also don't like the tee shot on #1 at Mystic. I always hit Hybrid but I can be reckless with the first swing of the day -> usually a leaker to the right and OB ( meaning a Breakfast Ball )
    Lately I have done just that, hit driver because I yank my 5 iron and at least my driver gives me more distance. Bogey is a par for me there this year
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      Originally posted by LauzGolfer View Post

      Those two holes are very tough and a great finisher, 15 and 16 aren't exactly easy. Lots of rounds can fall apart on that final stretch! While 15 and 16 aren't super difficult, visually those two holes are quite challenging mentally. I'd probably retire from playing there as well if I were you! Good job!
      lol Thanks! just dumb luck I guess.

      Today I almost conquered another stretch of holes I hate. 16-18 at Watsons Glen. 16 - very long Par 4 usually into the wind. 17 par 3, medium length but with water left and trees right. and 18 anyone whos played will know...killer par 5 with tempting shot over big pond.
      I went par-par DOUBLE BOGEY ugh with a lost ball on 18 - NOT in the water but just dumped a lay-up iron into the bushes left of the pond = (.


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        Originally posted by WhiteWalker View Post
        King’s Riding #6. Just thinking about it makes me shake.
        Click image for larger version Name:	AC33E241-664F-43E0-9930-23DF7AB08527.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	757.4 KB ID:	3039192
        "Boys, just put me down for a 6 and I'll see you at the next tee box" Ha!!
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          9th hole at Cedarbrae that SOB gets me every time


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            Best method is to not think of any hole in this way. In golf if you supplant doubt and a defeatist attitude over positivity in your mind , you will realize a poor result.

            play one shot at a time and choose a club and shot shape that you are confident with.

            A personal example from Monday. Tough 427 yard par 4 , 18th hole at Mad River playing into a little breeze. First time playing the hole and didn't really know the layout so couldn't get comfy with what tee shot to hit. Decided to hit my 5 wood for accuracy, left it right side of fairway , which I thought was good but when get to ball , I am blocked from going straight at the green by trees. I had 220 in so could have carved a 30 yard slice with my 3w and maybe put the ball on or close, or could have a bad result. Decided to hit a 7i down to the left fairway, then a wedge in....ball rolled out to back fringe but sank a 40+ footer for par. Tried to choose the shot choice that provided the most confidence and successful outcome and it payed off.
            "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened "


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              I hate hate hate Remington Valley #2 - just doesn't suit my eye at all (that pond has taken so many balls of mine) - and that green. I had a 4 footer downhill there back in May and had 60' back uphill for my next putt.
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                I currently have 1 nemesis hole that I hate playing. Number 1 of the "lakes" 9...Long par 5, but I find the tee shot unfair. A good long drive which, if straight, can still end up going OB on the right because of the slope of the rough which goes right into the backyards of the lining houses. But the ideal landing area/line is a blind shot. Hit it too far left on your drive and you also fall off into the valley. To add to the issues the green is massively sloped and usually plays fast. Often pin positions are on a crest and impossible to put. playing 3 feet of break on a 5 feet putt and having it fall off towards the front of the green 10 feet away is just ridiculous in my opinion


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                  Originally posted by Weirfan View Post
                  Best method is to not think of any hole in this way. In golf if you supplant doubt and a defeatist attitude over positivity in your mind , you will realize a poor result.
                  Oh believe me, I don't go into my round thinking that way. It was more of a realization that I finally had success on a hole that for whatever reason I hadn't been able to get a birdie or only a handful of pars. I'm actually curious to see if now that I birdied it, if I play it a few more times before the season is over whether I can replicate that success knowing that I did it.
                  It's kind of like breaking 100 or 90. Once you know you can, it seems to happen more as you have confidence.
                  What's in the bag?
                  TM M2
                  Cobra F6 fairway woods and irons
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                  Les Grossman: "I'm talking G5. Playa, playa"


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                    Not exactly a nemesis hole, though when I have been invited to Lambton, I have never been able to play "my" game. Probably 15 nemesis holes for me. Was invited to play a few weeks ago. I had a decent front (finally), and then was 1 over on the back. I'm a 13 index, so the round was a pleasant surprise.

                    And, played Royal Ontario this week. The opening holes there usually swallow up a couple/few balls from my bag. Opened even over the first 5 holes, and 2 over after 8 (a couple of 3 putts), before giving up 2 balls on the 9th.

                    Lessons are paying off, and getting me excited to take on former nemesis'!
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                      Both #9 and #16 at Indian Wells. No problem if you can hit the ball straight.😁


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