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Big Shooter

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  • Originally posted by racmbs View Post
    To everyone who took time on here to send messages and post thoughtful comments/words of encouragement; you are all truly kind people. We often get caught up in heated debates here and forget about the person on the receiving end of the vitriol - but this, this is a real eye-opener for me. Mortality was challenged enough these past few years with my wife's breast cancer battle, that turned into a brain cancer battle last summer....I'm at the end of my rope with bad news.

    Take care everyone and remember to hug/kiss whomever is in your lives tonight.
    LIfe just isn't fair.
    Hang in there.

    I believe that I played right behind Mark, Tom and some other TGNrs on the last day of this season at Upper Unionville. We were the last groups off.

    Tom you did your very best and Mark was lucky to have you as a friend.

    Sorry but I am losing it.


    • Rest in peace Mark... Would it be fitting to rename the 19th hole forum title after Big Shooter... He deserves to be honoured here in someway...

      Thoughts with everyone mourning this... and anyone dealing with difficult issues too... Behind the handles we're all people, connected by a love for a game...

      The struggle is real, keep your head up... Spring will come and we'll enjoy the game again, with many rounds dedicated to a great member who will be missed..

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      • I've been struggling with what to write through all of the past week's difficult time. Mark and I did not always see eye to eye and had conflicting opinions on more than one occasion. However, it never got personal. I remember the first time Mark and I met. It was at a TGN tournament and I sat down beside him and we talked and got to know one another for more than our screen names and TGN posts.

        Mark was an all round great guy who's love of golf defined him and what he was all about. He took a joke as well as he could dish them out. The world has lost a very kind and gentle man. My heart goes out to all his golf buddies, friends and family.

        Mark, may your drives be straight and may there always be an open tee time for you on the other side.

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        • Terrible news.... RIP Mark
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          • Terrible news. Mark was a good man and loved this game and all his friends. Strength to his family duringn this ordeal.
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            "Some day the courage of men may fail, but it will not be this day!"


            • F@ck!!! Devastating.

              So sorry to hear.


              • Although I never met Mark personally, I feel that I got to know him through the years from his many posts here on TGN.

                RIP Mark.


                • RIP Mark and condolences to his family and the many here that had a more intimate interactions with him.


                  • RIP Mark. My condolences to the family. He will be missed by all.


                    • Very sad news


                      • RIP Big Shooter, you will be missed but not forgotten.


                        • Like many of us, I've checked several times each day hoping for some positive developments only to awake to this terrible news. I'm shocked and saddened.

                          Tom, we've never met but I can safely say that any one of us would be lucky to have a friend like you. Thank you for the updates in spite of your pain.

                          TGN has lost one of it's greatest characters and we are all somewhat lessened as a result.

                          My sincere condolences to Mark's family and friends.


                          • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dwBB-kvzlYg


                            • Wow , sad news and even though down here in southern Ontario we dont get to meet many of you TGN's I had msgs with Mark re travel spots. Sad sad news for all, I for one know how precious life and never take it for granted. As someone already said its ok to post and banter as long as it not personal. God Bless Mark and all that are close to him. " For shall he always have a golf club in his hand"
                              " the only shots you can be dead sure of are those you've had already."

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                              • When I connect to TGN this is the first thread I have been reading all week and it brings tears to my eye

                                I am still in shock....

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