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Believing the wrong 'truth' has consequences

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  • Believing the wrong 'truth' has consequences

    Lots of peoples lives are going to be forever changed by their acceptance of the wrong 'truth'.

    Its fine and dandy to have your own truth when you are safely inside your own bubble, but reality has a way of crashing through bubbles, as Libby Andrews is finding out. Libby's job is not dependent on her and her employer agreeing on the 'facts'. Should she care to take her employer to court, she will also find she has limited ability to assert what the 'facts' of her case are.

    The truth is something you can try to manipulate, but it is not something you control.

    Libby Andrews, 56, tells CNN that she was there to support the President, not violence, and that she learned of her firing through an email "blast."
    Andrews said she didn't know about the day's rioting and destruction until after returning to a nearby hotel where someone was showing images on social media. Andrews said she recalls seeing social media posts about "a skirmish with police" in DC, near where she was, and thought "that's not happening, that's fake news, that's fake news," she said.
    The real estate company released a statement, which reads, "@properties has always acknowledged an individual's right to their own beliefs -- political and otherwise. The company also respects everyone's right to peaceful protest. However, this agent's personal choice to acknowledge, document and celebrate, in the public forum of social media, her participation in the widely condemned actions of -- in her own words -- "storming the capital" in Washington, DC, simply crossed the line in terms of @properties' standards of conduct. As a result, the company made the decision to end its affiliation with her."
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    Sorry, but her claim that she didn't know about any violence is simply not credible.
    Sage of the GTA...


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      The company provided two social media posts to CNN, which the company said show Andrews was part of the storming of the Capitol.

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        Outside of the quoted material- think u are both saying the same thing


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          Originally posted by Pingeye2_fan View Post
          The company provided two social media posts to CNN, which the company said show Andrews was part of the storming of the Capitol.
          Including one in which she says she just stormed the Capitol.


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            I don't really understand why she cares. Virtually all agents are independent contractors and if you have a license and a pulse, you're hired. I'm sure she will have no trouble finding another place to hang her shingle. I'm also betting that for every person who is rightfully repulsed by her behaviour she'll find another one who agrees with her stance.



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