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    Originally posted by SliceHooker View Post

    Maybe they want the keg steak spice?!
    You can buy it at the grocery store. We get it at Costco in a larger pack too. Always use Keg spice when we do steak at home. We have a charcoal BBQ to finish them. I’ve gone to a reverse sear for thick steaks.


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      Originally posted by Benz View Post
      My sister has been to The Keg for takeout several times and was very happy with it.

      Apparently they're very good at packaging the meals so that they stay warm and present well when opened.

      It's worth a try.

      Speaking for myself, in 35 years, I've never had a bad meal at The Keg.
      I’ve had a few bad ones actually.

      Once at Markham Rd. My steak was so full of tough gristle it was simply not chewable but to their credit they just brought me a new one which was fine. I don’t blame them for it.

      The other was Niagara Falls in the Fallsview where the prices are 25% higher than any other location. I ordered blue rare. I got well done and gray throughout. That one was pretty disappointing and totally on them. I forget if I sent it back or not now.

      Otherwise I’m a goto on their Prime Rib. Always tender and always tasty. Some of the appetizers are also excellent.

      I also like that they have 1 bite desserts. I’m not a big sweets eater and after a Keg meal don’t really need dessert but a bite of something sweet is a nice finish to a meal.


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        Originally posted by Benz View Post
        My all-time bar-none favourite dessert is plain cheesecake from The Keg.
        I like The Keg's Billy Miner Pie and I just can't lie.


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          Originally posted by wlorcb View Post
          If you had to order Keg steaks to go, order them rare and finish them off at home on the bbq or under the grill.
          We went this route. Worked out ok, not great, but pretty good.
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            If you want amazing steaks for takeout, order from Allens on the Danforth. They usually do a steak festival this time of year but who knows with Covid. The owner raises his own cattle and runs Butchers of Distinction.



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              Originally posted by Bellyhungry View Post

              I like The Keg's Billy Miner Pie and I just can't lie.
              Billy for the win



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