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Marathon Classic Preview, Pairings, and Much More

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  • Marathon Classic Preview, Pairings, and Much More

    This week the LPGA travels to Ohio for the playing of the Marathon Classic Presented by Dana.
    Many of you may remember last year's exciting finish when Jasmine Suwannapura was victorious in a playoff over Brittany Lincicome. It was Suwannapura's first (and only) LPGA victory.


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    The first round pairings for the Marathon Classic have now been posted:



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      Alena is tied for clubhouse leader with a 64. Brooke isn't far back in T7 with a 67 and Jaclyn T23 with a 69. Still lots of the afternoon wave still underway.


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        July 11, 2019

        Alena Sharp

        Toledo, Ohio

        Q. What did you think of your round? Obviously up at the top now.
        ALENA SHARP: Honestly, I played really well right from the first tee shot. I felt really calm this morning coming into this event. I always love playing here. I have great housing. They're like my second parents. They take care of Sara and I even when we're not here and our dogs when we're traveling.

        I feel at home. I've always kind of done well here, so I have good vibes on the golf course for sure.

        Q. You were obviously able to score pretty well today. What were the most challenging parts of the golf course?
        ALENA SHARP: I think right now, like I'm hitting it really well, so I think I took advantage of a little bit softer greens. Tomorrow afternoon it's not going to be like that. I hit a lot of good wedges. The challenge is on the tee shots to get the right spot on the fairway. I did that well today.

        Q. When you start to get each and every birdie, how does that build your confidence as you get to the back nine?
        ALENA SHARP: Definitely built my confidence, because last week I couldn't make a putt. I hit it well and just couldn't get ball in the hole.

        They started going in today and I'm like, Well, that's golf for you. Definitely as I made more and more just the hole looked bigger and seemed easier to make putts today than it has in the last couple weeks.

        Q. I know it's kind of the luck of the draw with the tee times, but to be able to go out in the morning obviously in better conditions, and to get in a good position, how much of a mindset or a focus do you put on that?
        ALENA SHARP: I mean, yeah, I do like the morning tee times. Honestly doesn't really matter to me that much. I think the wind is coming up a little bit, but I don't think it's going to be too breezy.

        I just took advantage of the soft conditions, which is great. I know tomorrow it's going to play different, so I'll have to change how I'm hitting shots into the green, like how far they're landing to the pin.

        Really took advantage of it and I hit my wedges really close. Had a couple tap-ins, so that always helps.

        Q. I mean centimeters, just hanging on the hole. Oh, my gosh.
        ALENA SHARP: Well, I made a couple long ones so it's like, Okay, you can't make them all. I made a good stroke, and that's all you can do.

        Q. After day one obviously on top of the leaderboard, what kind of pressure does that put on you moving forward to rounds two and three?
        ALENA SHARP: There are so many good players here and we have three rounds to go. There is a lot of the golf. I just want to stay in the present and not get too far ahead of myself and just go out tomorrow and do what I did today.

        FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports


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          Here are the leaders of the Marathon Classic after round1:

          1 Youngin Chun -7
          1 Alena Sharp -7
          3 Jenny Haglund -6
          3 Caroline Masson -6
          3 Stacy Lewis -6
          3 Azahara Munoz -6

          For More scores:


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            Here are the leaders of the Marathon Classic after round3:
            1 Sei Young Kim -16
            2 Lexi Thompson -15
            3 Jeongeun Lee6 -12

            For More scores:


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              It's great to see Brooke put herself in the mix after a slow start.


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                Originally posted by 4wedges View Post
                It's great to see Brooke put herself in the mix after a slow start.
                Well really not in the mix to win, but certainly for another nice finish.


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                  Yeah I saw here in the top 10, and was hopeful.Then I saw how far behind the leader she was.


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                    Then had statistically one of her worst rounds of the year. So far only 10/17 greens with the 18th to play.


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                      Here are the final results:

                      1 Sei Young Kim -22

                      2 Lexi Thompson -20

                      3 Stacy Lewis -16

                      For more scores:


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