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    It was way past the time to clean up my office. In the course of doing so, I could not toss out my Links golf resources without at least offering them for free here. The games don't work on Windows 8 or 10. I seem to recall that they worked on Windows Vista and they certainly worked on early operating systems. If you have your OS partitioned so that you have the capacity to run on an earlier Microsoft system and you'd like the discs, then please let me know. I'd be happy to give them to someone who would enjoy them. I know that I spent a lot of good hours with friends competing online.

    Here's what I have to offer:

    Microsoft Golf 1998 Edition
    Links LS 1998 Edition
    Links LS 1999
    Links LS 1999 Upgrade Version
    Phoenix Country Club (Add-On Course)
    Links LS 2000
    Links LS 2000 10 Course Pack
    Links 2001
    Links Expansion Pack
    Links 2003 - 3 discs
    Links 2003 Championship Courses
    Links Championship Edition
    US Open at Pinehurst No. 2
    Links 5 Course Library, Vol. 1
    Links 5 Course Library, Vol. 2
    Links 5 Course Library, Vol. 3
    Links 5 Course Library, Vol. 4

    I also have 13 CDs of custom designed courses.

    That's it. If you're interested, please let me know.

    This isn't a dress rehearsal. Enjoy yourself. There's no do-over.

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    Since there's no interest in these items, would one of the moderators please close this thread. As for the CDs, they'll find a new home in the local dump.

    As it turns out, I have discovered that they can be played on Windows 10. Thankfully, I hadn't tossed them out. They'll be coming with me when we move to Toronto.
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    This isn't a dress rehearsal. Enjoy yourself. There's no do-over.



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