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TGN 2022/2023 NFL Survivor Pool

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  • TGN 2022/2023 NFL Survivor Pool

    For those with an Android device or aniOS device, I've set up an NFL Pool for the 2022/2023 season.
    It's FREE to play!

    To get the App, use these URLs for your particular Android or iOS device:

    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...s.survivor2018

    iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1417888189

    It would be nice if everyone used their TGN usernames to register, so there are 2 ways you can join the pool:

    1) While you're logged in to TGN, you can run this script FROM THE SAME BROWSER YOU ARE LOGGED IN TO TGN AND HAVE TGN OPEN ON :


    You should see output similar to:

    Status: OK

    You have joined TGN 2022
    Please write down your Email Address and Temporary Password to Login

    Username: WWFS test
    Email Address for Login: WWFS_test@worldwidefantasysports.com
    Temporary Password: 999999

    You can change your Temporary Password after you Login

    This method creates a dummy email address to use for Login, a temporary password, and automatically joins you in TGN 2022.

    Please write down your email address and temporary password. Because your TGN Username may use characters that are invalid for email addresses, the email address may NOT exactly match your TGN Username. This isn't a real email address, anything sent to it goes into the bit-bucket. After you install the App, you can simply login with the provided email address and temporary password. You can change your password once you login with the App.

    2) The old fashioned way.

    - Install the App
    - Create an account (I don't really care if you use a fake email address, but should you ever forget your password, it will be tough to retrieve it.)
    - Login
    - Join the League from the home screen using the following credentials:
    League ID: 8729
    League Password: 969253

    The rules for the League are pretty much the same as any Survivor Pool:

    - Pick 1 team each week that you think will win. (straight up, no point spread)
    - If your pick wins that week, you move on to the next week. If not, see you next year.
    - You can only pick any particular team ONCE for the entire season.

    I will disable Interstitial Ads for everyone in this pool. Bear with me, I have to do it manually, so it may take a day or two after you register for me to disable the interstitial Ads.

    If you have any questions, just PM me.

    I'll post other pertinent info when I get a chance...



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    Because this is Ontario, the App can't really collect any wagers, even if it's just among "friends".

    If anyone is interested in backing up their NFL Survivor Pool prowess by putting up a sleeve of balls or 2, I'm sure we can find a way to do that.

    I don't think people should be required to pony up, we can play both under the same pool.


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      A few more details on the format and rules:

      When you install the App, it will ask if you want to allow notifications. If you allow notifications, you will get reminders to make your pick if you have not done so.

      - Each week of the season, you will pick one team playing in that week's games.
      - No point spreads are used. It's just straight up "higher score wins".
      - If the team you picked wins their game, you advance. If not, you're eliminated.
      - If your team ties the game, you are also eliminated.
      - If you fail to make a pick for that week, you are also eliminated.
      - Once you have used a team, you can't use that team again.

      Deadlines for making you're weekly pick:

      There is no fixed deadline.
      If you want to pick a team playing Thursday night, you must make that pick BEFORE the schedule start of that game.
      If you want to pick a team playing early Sunday, you must make that pick BEFORE the schedule start of that game.
      If you want to pick a team playing late Sunday, you must make that pick BEFORE the schedule start of that game.
      If you want to pick a team playing Monday night, you must make that pick BEFORE the schedule start of that game.

      You can change your pick for the week as many times as you like, up until the scheduled start time of the game your current pick is playing in.

      Seeing other people's picks.

      You won't be able to see other people's picks until the game their pick is in has begun. You will simply see Picked/Not Picked.

      On the "Standings" screen, scores and potential elimination status are updated in real-time. You can see the current game status by tapping on the cell you are interested in.

      The App does not sell or in any way provide any personal information about any user to any third parties.




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