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    So I finally picked this crazy game back up this past summer after about 8 years of complete inactivity. I was coerced back into it in August by some workmates who asked me to come out for a round at Simoro.

    I never thought I would catch the bug again- the game was too expensive for me but I ended up playing almost twice a week right up until this past Saturday and still hoping to get out at least once more. A lot of this has to do with GolfNow which has made playing a round more affordable.

    The problem I now have is that my buddies are mostly VERY HIGH handicappers and are happy with one round a month. I need to play more and don't mind going as a single but who you're actually paired up with is always a wild card. I'd love to find some guys who are in the same boat as me.

    Since that first day back at Simoro, I have played there another couple of times and found my way onto many other tracks in the Barrie area including: Tangle Creek, Settler's Ghost, Innisfil Creek, Harbourview, Shanty Bay & Silver Brooke. Next year I'd like to add to that. You can also find me frequently at Cedar Links hitting a bucket throughout the summer.

    I'll be honest with you- most of my rounds were booked through GolfNow. I'm not one of those guys who will just walk into a clubhouse and pay the going rate. Call it cheap but I would rather play 4 or 5 rounds at Shanty Bay or Settlers than walk in and pay the going rate at Tangle.

    BTW- I'm 46 in December- my handicap is unofficial but I'm around an 18. I started out shooting mid-nineties this year but 4 of my last 7 rounds this year were 87, 84, 89, and 86 at Shanty Bay, Innisfil Creek, Silverbrooke, and Settler's Ghost respectively.

    I know it's kinda late for a post like this but if you're in this area and interested in meeting others then drop a post and say hi. Maybe this can be the unofficial Barrie-Area Playing Partners thread.


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    Always looking for new playing partners. Much like yourself, I have caught the bug after a 10 year hiatus and although I started the sport this summer expecting to go casually, I seemed to get into it much more than expected and cannot settle for a round a month. I am also like you where I'd rather find great deals through GolfNow as supposed to the going rates at the course. Mind you, I love playing Nobleton Lakes and their twilight rates aren't so bad.

    I am located in Vaughan, and if you are open to it, I'm sure we can find a course that meets half way if the opportunity arises.


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      Sounds good. I'd love to play some of the courses down that way.


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        Originally posted by Retoronto View Post
        Sounds good. I'd love to play some of the courses down that way.
        Nobleton Lakes and Bond Head are some great options.


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          Nice...you are like me...Hope to play with you guys next season Retoronto and prestacrusti.


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            Im up for a few rounds next year
            Im 57 shot in the mid 80s
            Just play for fun


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