Hey there

I booked and paid for a round at Braeben on subject day at 1:21 PM thru Golfnow Hot Deals (my max. budget is <$40). As of now there are still 2 spots available. If any one would like to join me, I'd be honored and delighted, but if you prefer, of course you can play by yourself if this old geezer turns you off enough. You can book it and we can meet at the clubhouse.

I do play quickly, and i don't "collect" lost balls in the waste areas, don't do mulligans, and don't use range finder, actually don't own one.
I can challenge 80 on a good day. Totally flexible on tee color, but blacks at Braeben are a bit long to say the least: 200+ yards just to reach the fairways, lol.

All best and cheers !!!

Oh, if anyone interested to join me any time in the future (again, max. $40) at Braeben, Lakeview, Royal Woodbine, and maybe Lionhead (max. $60) pls. LMK