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    Hey TGN!

    Im always looking for more people to enjoy a weekend morning round with in the Hamilton/Burlington/Niagara area. I try to play every weekend but I always seem to be out looking as a solo, which drastically affects the amount I play and the experience I have.

    I'm just looking for more people to play with, would be awesome if I could find a group to get together more often than just once.

    I actively play Kings Forest in Hamilton, however a lot of my golf takes place in Hamilton/Burlington and Niagara. I open to play anywhere really. (D-Fire, Legends, Hidden Lake, Kings, Clublink, Copetown, Etc.)

    So let me know!

    Id love to find somewhere this Saturday Oct 5th, in the AM but at this point ill be searching solo again! Feel free to DM me if you want to get together for a round.

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    Hey buddy, I'm in downtown Toronto but would be keen to play Oakville way, if that interests you?

    I'm happy to drive an hour from downtown.


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