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Mon. May 9 2022 - 36 Holes

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  • Mon. May 9 2022 - 36 Holes

    This monday coming up happens to be a treat day which = mandatory golf day for me.

    Anyone or more than 1 person interested in joining me to play 18 or 36 holes on Monday May 9th? I'm in for 36+ but recognize not all are golf crazy like me

    In terms of course, looking for something in great shape (i.e greens). So far this season I haven't played much variety of courses but the greens have been great at Grand Niagara, King Valley and Blue Springs. Would like to play something different though maybe TPC?

    A bit about me, I’m about a 10 index right now and the type of player that likes to do tournament golf (ie GTA am tour, Amateur Players Tour). I mention that because I often do putt out properly during casual rounds for practice of even the close ones. Lots of other players usually pick up their ball when they are by the hole or in frustration from the pending Snowman+. Having said that I'm not bothered by however you want to play your game. Ah another final point - I'm not a superfast player but definitely not slow either and do like to play ready golf as appropriate.


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    Unable to join you my friend but wanted to say that you were a pleasure to tee it up with. Hopefully, you get some takers.

    "Don't cry because it's over, Smile because it happened "


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      Likewise. Hopefully another time!


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        TPC for around 8:00 am ? $95 walking+tax

        I prefer Hoot or Heathlands for Monday



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