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Vintage Persimmon Wood Restoration Service

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  • Vintage Persimmon Wood Restoration Service

    The following price list is offered to individual golfers and family members of golfers. Pay special attention to the current condition of the club. Are there loose or missing screws, loose sole-plates, a loose insert or loose back-weight? Is the shaft loose from the club head? Is the wood portion of the club face chipped or appears “ dry rotted?” Is there a crack in the club head or a split in the hosel? These conditions will set your final cost.

    Basic Refinishing(no repairs but includes final whipping) - $50.00 cdn.

    Repair Charges “in addition to” above.

    Reset Back-weight - $10.00
    Reset sole-plate - $10.00
    Reset insert (if reusable) - $12.00
    Reset club head “Slip...if reusable” - $12.00
    Reset original shaft - $25.00
    Remove & Replace “steel” shaft(shaft extra) - $30.00
    Clear epoxy on face if chipped or dry rotted - $15.00
    Repair split heads(some are repairable...and some are not) - $20.00
    Install Weight Port(under sole-plate) - $15.00

    I specialize in wooden head 4R's which is a dying trade and have been trained by Jack Baird who was “Class A Certified” by the Professional Club Builders Society. Jack did this type of work for over 20 years in his workshop.

    Starting in 2005 and for the next two years, I spent every Saturday in Jack's workshop, learning persimmon and laminated Maple wood 4R's. I am not “Class A Certified” by the Professional Club Builders Society. Jack was one of the last Canadians to take Persimmon /Laminated Maple 4R's training and receive certification from Dynacraft in the middle 80's.

    To talk to Jack about his persimmon wood training and certifications and my training, call 905-733-0456.

    I also can check and alter “ lie and lofts” on “steel shafted” irons from the 1920's to the 1980's. I own a Mitchell Lie & Loft equipment and was trained by Jack how to use it. $3.00 per iron to check or check and alter.

    I also own many water slide decals for wood club restorations and most are from the major golf club manufacturing companies.

    I also own black, white and red clay coloured vulcanized fibre insert material which was the O.E.M. material used in the 1930's, 40's and 50's.

    I own Reed & Prince brass flat head cross drive face and sole plate screws which were original manufacturer equipment in the 30's, 40's and 50's.

    I have O.E.M. mild steel back screws of four different head designs.

    I have and use Barbors 18/3 Black Irish Linen(waxed and unwaxed) which was originally used as whipping on many 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's wood club head hosels.
    ​I take pride in my work and will not let a club out of my workshop until I'm personally satisfied.

    “ There can be no failure in the field ” - Jack Baird

    The pictures are of a repair & restoration of a rare Men's R/H 1941 MacGregor Tommy Armour line of Ben Hogan Model 4393 driver. I completed the restoration on the set and the set is still in my hands. I will be selling them when the Grandchildren start to plan to attend University.

    Mr. Blair M. Phillips
    37 Brackencrest Rd.
    St. Catharines ,Ontario
    L2P 3K7
    905-685-6389(land line only)

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    BEAUTIFUL WORK Blair - well done!


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      Blair, I'm happy to see that you're still plying your craft ... lovingly, I might add.

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      This isn't a dress rehearsal. Enjoy yourself. There's no do-over.


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        Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship.

        I picked-up a lovely Powerbilt Citation driver for $10 at a garage sale a few years back. It was in mint condition too. I use it occasionally at the range or when I play short courses like Centennial Park.

        When you it them out of the screws there is no better feeling in golf. When you miss hit them you feel absolutely rotten. But they are lovely to look at.


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          The final 3 woods speak for themselves - work of art Blair.

          Only wood woods I have are JN Muirfields LH'ed from early 1980's.
          Near mint and I think either the 3W or 5W had never hit a golf ball.
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            Beautiful work, and important historically as well.
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