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All About Golf balls - Has it really been 6 years that I have been a Sponsor on TGN?

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  • All About Golf balls - Has it really been 6 years that I have been a Sponsor on TGN?

    I became a sponsor on the site in July 2012. Since then my used golf ball business has continued to grow and several hundred of you have purchased golf balls from me. Thank you so much for your business and recommending me to your friends and family.

    My ads are always in the CLASSIFIED SECTION under OTHER GOLF EQUIPMENT under my handle Seetrout699. It is kept utd and I only advertise what I actually have in stock.


    1] my inventory levels and selection, my package deals and my pricing are generally are at least as good as those offered by any individual seller in the GTA [ Oshawa to Kitchener to Hamilton to Newmarket]. In fact there are only 1 or 2 other individual sellers in the GTA [ and Canada] that maintain regular inventory levels of 10,000 balls or more.

    2] I generally have 15,000 to 25,000 balls available for sale.

    3] you are able to pick and choose the balls that you like the best

    4] no minimum purchase. Whether you buy 5 balls or 500 balls, everyone pays the advertised price. I do not negotiate the price, since it is generally the lowest available . I do not increase the pricing on any ball throughout the year, although occasionally I do offer specials or ball bonus deals resulting in decreased prices . Any price increases for the year always occur on or about January 1st.

    5] my prices for mint quality golf balls - most of which have been lost in the 1st six holes of its life are from 20-35% of full retail pricing.

    6] most ball types are usually in stock. If they are not my ad will specify which are not. I adjust my ads daily if necessary and I do not advertise items that are not in stock.


    1] your family keeps you well supplied with golf balls as gifts

    2] you wish to support your GOLF PROFESSIONAL at the club to which you belong.

    3] you get lots of free balls from your company at work or from tournaments that you play in.

    4] the hundreds which you could save annually is completely irrelevant to you.


    1] I started selling used golf balls on the site in January 2012. That is approximately the same time that I started purchasing golf balls for resale. Currently about 60% of my business is to retail customers [mostly from TGN], about 15% is to golf courses, about 10% are range balls to golf courses and simulator facilities and the remaining 15% are cottage balls/hitaway type balls.

    2] I purchase all of my golf balls within a 100 mile radius of the GTA. . About 80% are from regular suppliers, about 20% are various one-off situations such as garage sales, estate sales, bulk sales or from people who have been finding and accumulating golf balls for years. I buy balls 12 months of the year, many of them are purchased from November through January. The going rate for bulk purchases is approximately 10c a ball, higher if they are well cleaned , are mostly less than 5 years old and include significant numbers of mint quality higher-end balls.

    Virtually all of the golf balls that I sell during any given year were lost and found the previous year. Most of the people who look seriously for balls [and find thousands each year] do not start seriously looking until mid-to-late October. By then most of the balls that will be lost that year have been lost and the greenery is not as thick and lush making the balls much easier to see and find. That is why there are so few balls available for ball types that were just introduced during their first callandar year. Unfortunately that means that new ball releases during that year are very scarce until the 2nd year.

    3] I do not purchase any balls from divers or dredgers so none of them are "pond balls".

    4] Even though many of the golf balls I sell come from some of the best courses in the GTA only about 40% of the balls found could be categorized as mint. Top line balls like Bridgestone b330s, Srixon z stars, Taylormade TP5's and Tour Preferred in mint condition usually only each represent about 1% of the total balls in a bulk purchase situation. Prov1s of course are more plentiful and may represent 2 to 3 times as many as all topline balls combined from Callaway, Srixon, Bridgestone and Taylormade .

    5] I have no minimum purchase amount [except for shipping orders]. Small original purchasers often become substantial customers and/or recommend me to friends. Generally nothing is pre-packaged meaning that you can pick and choose. [ exception is cottage balls]

    6] After resisting for years I am now doing limited shipping. Minimum order , except for special situations, is $100 plus all shipping and packaging costs. Generally I only ship items which I am unlikely to run out of or items which I have large numbers of. I am probably more anal than you are in selecting the balls so you will be receiving only the best balls on hand and the usual $20-$30 in shipping and packaging costs might be worth avoiding the aggravation of fighting GTA traffic for an hour or two.

    7] At least 60% of my clients either bring someone with them or are buying for friends and family when they come. I think that is because they are confident in the condition of my product and the fact the pricing is low.

    8] I do not deliver or do meet-ups. Often I have multiple appointments over short periods of time. Furthermore my fragile back does not enjoy lifting crates of balls into the car. SORRY!


    1] if you want to know if a specific ball suits your game the ball company's website generally does a very good job in providing details and characteristics of the ball. Google Titliest or Taylormade golf balls for example.

    2] if you are a beginner or infrequent golfer and generally shoot over 100 you probably lose lots of golf balls. Until you improve a bit you will probably be unable to tell the difference in how a high-end ball plays vs a low to mid range ball performs.

    3]various studies have shown that golf balls lose very little, if any, of their attributes over several years providing that they do not spend the winters in a pond or a field. In reasonable storage situations they deteriorate very slowly.if at all, over 5 years, or more.

    4]Even if you are a very low handicapper you probably will not notice the difference between how a new ball plays, a mint condition ball plays or a shade-below-mint [SBM} ball plays. I have several regular customers who usually shoot from 68-73 who cannot tell the difference and say their score is unaffected by which of these they play. As a result they often purchase the SBM category.

    Thank you for purchasing my golf balls. Hope to see you soon. And please visit my 2 ads in the CLASSIFIED SECTION, UNDER OTHER GOLF EQUIPMENT.
    Last edited by seetrout699; Nov 19, 2018, 06:34 AM.

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    My friend has saved a ton of $ by buying from you Don.
    Hosel rockets are bad for him, but good for you. Lol



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