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2019 Clublink Annual Dues

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    Originally posted by trebor View Post
    I usually burn through my annual F&B by July. 26 Men's Nights with buying 4 beers for my group at least once per round gets the numbers up quite easily.
    And, based on what CL says, most members of both Platinum and Prestige clubs play the majority of their rounds at their home course - one of the reasons that many members of these courses say that their clubs have a "private" feel. The fact that we have over 160 regulars for Men's Night (Day), and the comradery we have is great. We use all 3 nines and always have A & B groups on many tees.
    I have never regretted being a CL member.
    Right on.
    I participate in all KR Men's Nights (always well attended), Club Tourneys, Nine and Dines, etc.
    Core group of 20 guys show up Saturday and Sunday mornings...followed by a few beers and lunch on the patio.
    F+B minimum is no issue.

    KR definitely has a private club feel.
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      Originally posted by WhiteWalker View Post

      KR definitely has a private club feel.
      I really miss being part of an active and involved club. I love competitive , tournament play and while I do still get to play in some, not the same as when I was a private member. Hoping to try the GTA Am tour this coming season to fill that void
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        I love the tourneys and match play events - they go into my calendar at the beginning of each season. What type of foursome or twosome you may need, depending on what is being played. Gets the blood flowing. Skins....closest to pins.....prizing....and most importantly, bragging rights. Oh yeah, the occasional bet .
        Nice early morning walking down the 1st fairway with your regulars. Great showing up at 6:30 after work in the summer, grabbing a cart, so I can jump if I get behind a blockage, and either play with whoever is there, many times staff, or alone. If alone, I may drop a few balls down and try some different shots or putts.
        And, as much as I still look forward to different things, as I have entered my senior years, I now cherish "the known". Like the old TV show Cheers.......where everyone knows your name.
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